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Traditional BULGARIAN Products
Pine extract

Боров екстракт
Extra rose preserve

Конфитюр от рози
Rose Syrup

Сироп от Рози

The favorable conditions for rose cultivation combined with the long tradition of growing the Queen of flowers have brought the Bulgarian Rose its renowned fame at world rose markets for centuries. The Valley of Roses is home of the most fragrant species – the Damascus rose (Rosa Damascene). This very rose inspired us to produce our . The Rose Damascene scent is already used by top world brands in the Fragrance industry. Our aim was not only to conserve the incomparable fragrant but also preserve the elegant taste tickling the senses. CIMA's can be added to cocktails, cereal, muffins, waffles, croissants, cakes, ice creams, Bulgarian plain yogurt, or simply to be part of one's breakfast. No matter the way it is served, the elegant taste of the shall bring delight to one's day.

CIMA's is made of natural extract of Rose Damascene. One can enjoy its unique fragrance as well as magical taste and refresh their day by adding water and ice to the or to warm a chilly day by diluting the syrup in hot water. CIMA's can also be added to pancakes, donuts, yogurt, cereal, muffins, etc.

The pine extract is a natural product made from a thoughtful selection of pine tips and cones from the Rhodope massif – Orpheus' Mountain. Pine syrup has long tradition in Bulgaria. It was and still is used as a natural remedy for colds, sore throat, coughs. CIMA's has rich taste reminiscent of the freshness and purity of pine forests. One can have it with their tea or breakfast as well as add its unique flavor to cakes, pancakes, donuts, ice creams, fruits, French toasts, cereal, muffins, waffles, croissants, etc.
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