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About us

jam, preserve, topping Cima 99 Ltd was founded by Mr. Tsvetan Zhekov. In 1992 he decided to quit his steady job in a factory owned by the state and to establish his own company. Starting the business he took a mortgage on his own house, he rented a place and made his first modest investment in a small production shop of soft drinks. Building an independent business was proved to be quite a challenge. The first years were tough for the company which struggled to survive. In 1996 Mr. Tsvetan Zhekov decided to change the main company operational activity and turned to jam production. That really meant starting the business from scratch. The aim was to produce jam of the home-made-type with extremely high quality that was not offered on the market at the time. Initially the equipment was not much different from the pots that are used in making jam at home. jam, preserve, topping The production was mostly done manually and at first the employees were only family members. Clients very soon appreciated the qualities of the product and it found its steady place on the shelves and counters of supermarkets and shops. At the price of hard work, persistence and ambition, year after year, the company grew stronger and bigger.

Now Cima 99 Ltd is among the leading producers of jam in Bulgaria and it owns a factory located in the most fertile region of Bulgaria – The Thracian plain. The company has 45 employees working full time all year around. Production capacity of the factory amounts over 15 tons/shift. Daily high qualified specialists and modern equipment can guarantee the high quality of the products which are appreciated by the customers and comply with the requirements of present European standards. Utmost attention is paid to all production stages from the field to the shelves in shops.

Trade mark jam, preserve, topping is a measurment of high quality products that are ever more popular among customers in Bulgaria and abroad.

CIMA 99 Ltd is mainly engaged in production of jams, sweets, marmaleds, sweet souces, pine extract, rose jam, compote, preserves as well as all types of confectionary fillings. Serial production of the company includes over 180 different articles. CIMA 99 Ltd is among the leading manufactures of jam in Bulgaria. Many of its products are sold in the USA, Israel, Russia, Japan, Czech Republic, Romania, Greece, Spain etc. jam, preserve, topping

Golden award for a strawberry home made style preserves – International fair Plovdiv 2004